Honeymoon Fund


We are keeping it simple, with this option there’s no need to choose specific things we’ll be doing. Here’s an overview. Next January 2024 we’ll be flying off to Thailand for some Winter sun and adventure. Best time of year for Molly to take a well earned break from gardening. We’ll fly into Bangkok and spend a few days exploring the city, then we’ll head south to Khao Lak, hopefully visit Elephant Hills in Khao sok national Park before a week in Phuket. Here we’ll explore the water and the land. Spend some time relaxing and throughout the trip enjoying plenty of food

There will be plenty of day times spent relaxing by the pool or beach, Jana bound to have a few cocktails. There will be trips thrown in to experience the heritage of the area.

Planning to research the place plenty over the next few months and decide what activities and adventures we’d really like to do to make our honeymoon special to us.

We haven’t put a minimum donation so it’s completely up to you. Nothing is too small, we all have different disposable incomes and we are just so grateful to have you in our lives and at our super special day

Thank you for wanting to add to our fund 🙂

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